Bluff Area Mutual Aid (Coronavirus Relief)


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Update July 17, 2020

Donations from our incredible supporters have directly and positively impacted the goals of Bluff Area Mutual Aid (BAMA). Over the last four months, this grassroots effort quickly built a framework and supply chain to provide emergency relief to residents of San Juan County, including the Navajo and Ute Mountain Nations.

Starting in the end of March, BAMA volunteers began working with Twin Rocks Trading Post in Bluff to leverage their supply chain to purchase food in bulk quantities. We organized a network of volunteers to receive requests through phone and web submissions, order bulk food, receive, split into “serving” size, pack boxes and then deliver. A special thanks goes out to the Canyon Country Youth Corps of the Canyon Country Discovery Center, Utah Navajo Health System, the Bluff Fort, the Bluff community, Utah Dine Bikeyah Board Members and staff, and local Navajo chapters that provided volunteer support.

This process took food to over 500 households across the Navajo and Ute Nations, providing food for over 2,000 individuals.

As we transitioned to “Phase 2” of the process in May, we continued to provide individual food boxes, but we shifted our distribution method to deliver through San Juan County school buses and bulk deliveries to chapter houses and deliveries via Utah Dine Bikeyah board members. This provided an additional 400 boxes, impacting an additional 1,500 individuals. We were also able to distribute 3,500 lbs of ground beef thanks to a generous donation from The Nature Conservancy and Redd Ranch.
The needs of the community are continuing to shift as we progress through the pandemic, and BAMA has shifted the model to accommodate this. “Phase 3” of BAMA started in mid-June and has transitioned away from individual food boxes to instead focus on the facilitation of bulk deliveries and providing funding directly to chapter houses to enable them to manage the crisis as they best see fit.

Remaining Go Fund Me donations have been used to purchase Automatic External Defibrillators (AED’s) for all seven Navajo Nation chapter houses in Utah along with one for the White Mesa community of the Ute Mountain Ute Nation. Additionally, one AED was purchased for the Bluff Volunteer Fire Department who serves many residents of Navajo Nation.

Final funds will be split up with grocery store gift card purchases given to the same groups mentioned above, along with a $1,000 grant to the Bluff Community Response Team (CRT). Distribution will be facilitated by chapter house leadership.

Thank you to each and every one of you, from across the United States and the world, for being an instrumental part of this GoFundMe fundraiser!

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