Bluff is Not Enough (and that’s just fine) | Essay

By Eli Beck “Yeah, I wanted to get out the whole time I was there, and since I left all I want to do is go back.” I say this sentence all the time. If I’m just meeting you, you’ll ask “where are you from?” I’ll say  “Bluff, a dinky town of 200 sump’m people,” … Continue reading Bluff is Not Enough (and that’s just fine) | Essay

Gila (Poem)

Gila By Austin Holmes Heloderma suspectum Elusive monster I long to witness your beaded banded skin Bubbling like boiling mythical waters Venom-soaked tongue like a dusty mauve rose Perhaps I shall one day see you emerge From your red earth dwelling, deer mouse in mouth, And shall applaud you and my Boundless fortuity