The “Energy Gap” Nobody Wants to Tussle With

By Dave Marston Clouds over a windmill farm outside Oakley, Kansas. Photo by Dave Marston. Many Western states have declared they will achieve all-renewable electrical goals in just two decades. Call me naïve, but haven’t energy experts predicted that wind, sun and other alternative energy sources aren’t up to the job? Alice Jackson, former CEO … Continue reading The “Energy Gap” Nobody Wants to Tussle With

Desert Notes: Eastwood’s Monkeyflower

Robin Patten Photos by Robin Patten. The alcove was shallow, though its back wall was shaded, seeping with enough moisture to support a modest hanging garden. With autumn taking hold, most of the plants had decayed into crumpled leaves and drooping stems, yet within the brown was a bit of green and a flame of … Continue reading Desert Notes: Eastwood’s Monkeyflower