Paw Prints, December and January

December 2022

One Transport

It all began with a phone call from Amber (intake coordinator for Underdog). She told me that Lorinda, who works in Monument Valley, would be bringing me a mom dog with 4 puppies tomorrow and asked if I could transport them to Moab. Later that same day I got a call from Daylene (10 miles south of Bluff) telling me that a mom dog at her house had delivered 11 puppies the night before. She had them inside her house because it was freezing at night. She asked me to come get them since she couldn’t keep them inside her house. I drove there, picked them up, and put them in my garage with a heater.

Later that same day, Amber called back and suggested that I also bring the 8 puppies from Red Mesa who were now 10 weeks old and had been living in Heather’s living room inside a puppy pen since birth. I called Heather to tell her I would be coming tomorrow to pick up her pups. She informed me that another mom dog had delivered 5 new puppies in a dog house in her back yard the night before (nighttime low of 18 degrees).

I called Amber back. “Better bring them too”, she said. So early the next day I drove to Red Mesa to pick up 8 ten week old puppies, the mom with 5 one-day-old puppies and then back to Bluff to await the arrival of Lorinda with the mom and 4 puppies. I then called Paul to help me load the mom and 11 puppies from my garage. All 31 dogs made it to Moab where beds and pens were waiting for me.

There were 6 other transports in December carrying 12 more puppies, a mauled male from Monument Valley and
5 other strays. Foster care has continued with help from Janna and Steve Simpson, Dudley Beck and Glen Renner, Bessie Pelt, Heather Jemmott, Al Gerecke and Kathy Smith, and Daylene Redhorse. There is no more room in Bluff. We travelled 935 miles to deliver 825 pounds of dog food and 5 cases of canned dog food. 510 pounds of this dog food was donated by Underdog.

January 2023
Donations Donations Donations

The highlights this month have been the huge donations totaling over $6000.00! The balloon festival breakfast netted $2438.00. Individual donations of $3000.00, $1000.00, $200.00 and $100.00 were received, and the donation canisters netted $274.50!

We paid for 2 neuters and 1 spay. We vaccinated 19, while continuing to foster 7 for the entire month. A nursing mom and one puppy were transported to Moab, along with a pregnant mom dog from Monument Valley. We almost made it through the month without adding more strays until Jocelyn Meyers spotted 2 four month old puppies at the post office. They were almost hit by a semi truck, but we were able to live trap both of them at once and move them temporarily to Dusty Paws clinic, since Greg is out of town. We will need a new home within a week, when Greg returns. We have travelled 455 miles to transport or deliver
900 pounds of dry food and 2 cases of canned food.

We have ordered some heating pads to deal with the cold weather. We will order more food. Incentives for free spay and neuters are under consideration.


Dudley Beck, BARC President

The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) provides foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local cats and dogs. To donate, mail a check to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee at PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512or donate online.