January Update from Bluff Town Council Member Jim Sayers

By Jim Sayers

We hope all had a safe and reflective MLK day, remembering the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. And we hope for an end to the Shutdown.

January was a very productive month for the Bluff Town Council. Dominating the meetings was the request for disconnection from the town boundaries by Lyman Farms. This issue was resolved by the Board voting unanimously to allow the disconnect. No one on the Board thought the disconnect was beneficial to anyone as apparently there exist no plans to develop, and obviously Town of Bluff has no real services or ordinances in effect as yet. However, most felt the Town’s current lack of revenue suggested any legal contest would have been impractical.

The Town is in informal discussions with Bluff Service Area and Bluff Water Works to consolidate the water utility in Bluff. These talks have so far been friendly and productive, and it seems all think a less- fragmented management of Bluff’s most precious resource is in everyone’s best interest.

This month has also seen much progress toward submitting a request/proposal to Community Impact Board and Community Development Block Grant. These are funds administered by the State of Utah. Jocelyn Meyers’ volunteer work in making sure all the “boilerplate”-type information is in place for our applications has been great!

We are all indebted also to Ed Dobson, who has volunteered to fill a slot on San Juan Water Conservation Board, Michael Havikan for taking the lead with our Roads and important funding from DOT, Lois Young who has stepped up to a Board spot on San Juan Health Department, and Lynell Schalk who will interact with BLM in providing input from Bluff Town on Shash Jaa and Indian Creek.

Balloon Festival had a beautiful Saturday- thanks to all in Town who made it possible!

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