Rumor Mill: Laundromat

A Canyon Echo reader writes, “When is the laundromat going to be accessible and where should we swap hand me down clothes in the meantime?”

Recapture Lodge responds, “We lost the boiler and 3 big storage tanks all at once to corrosion and leaks and it has been a real pain to 1) get someone to tackle the job and 2) to get the new design engineered and then the parts found and ordered. Supposedly the parts will arrive in Cortez on Monday and it should go pretty quickly after that… we hope by the end of next week (Feb. 16).

A real pain but it has been running not stop for 25 years so I guess that is to be expected. We feel lucky the motel has been closed!”

As for the clothes swap, rumor has it that the town may be holding a yard-sale fundraiser in the near-ish future, so you can hold onto quality items to donate there.