February Update From Bluff Town Councilmember Jim Sayers

By Jim Sayers

Near the top of Bluff Town Council’s long to-do list in February was work on the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). The proposal has been submitted; should this effort prove successful, and we have reason to believe it will, Bluff will continue to take necessary steps to complete the required technical description of our current water system. This will involve contracting an engineering firm.

We are encouraged that Utah Department of Transportation funds have for the first time been deposited in Bluff Town’s dedicated roads account. Our primary focus to this point has been satisfying the requirements for obtaining funding. Thanks much to Michael Haviken and council members in communication with UDOT.

The Council held several work sessions in February pursuing joint discussions with BWW and BSA, mostly discussing water. The Council is working toward the target of unifying water ownership and delivery, and progress is being made. The Town Council is grateful to guides Marx Powell and Brandt Hart for taking us on a thorough and fascinating tour of Bluff’s current water delivery system.

The Town of Bluff Planning and Zoning Commission began official operation in February with bylaws and appointed officials. Thanks to Sarah Burak, Kristen Bushnell, Malyssa Egge, Michael Haviken, and Amanda Podmore on the Commission and Eileen Fjerstad, Wendy Smith, and Deborah Westfall on P&Z Advisory Board.

Coming up on our radar will be discussions on how and when we can begin to receive sales and Transient Room Tax generated in Bluff.

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