Rumor Mill: Location of Proposed Solar Farm

A Canyon Echo reader writes, “I have read some bits and pieces hereabouts about the solar ‘farm’ that is proposed to be placed upon the Bluff Bench on SITLA land. Please, could you post a map that shows exactly where it is proposed to be situated? Thank you.”

We aim to serve. Here’s a map of the proposed lease. Click the image to view original SITLA document.

Screen Shot 2019-03-13 at 3.40.44 PM

The parcel where the lease has been proposed is 1,000 acres. If it were fully developed with solar, it would produce enough electricity to power 15,000 homes, roughly four times the number of homes in San Juan County. The Bluff Town Council signed a resolution opposing the lease on March 12, citing worries over soil disturbance and the potential for increased flooding, aesthetic concerns, and the fact that the proposed lease is within the boundaries of the original Bears Ears National Monument. SITLA representatives are coming to town to answer residents’ questions later this month.

3 thoughts on “Rumor Mill: Location of Proposed Solar Farm

  1. Just to clarify, the proposed solar site seems to be east of the original boundaries of Bears Ears National Monument.


    1. Yes and no. The original monument boundaries were drawn up to Highway 191 and encompass the proposed site of the solar farm. Although SITLA lands are not technically part of the federally designated monument, SITLA recently withdrew oil and gas leases issued on state lands that were within the original monument boundaries:


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