Letter: Please Drive Slowly In Bluff

Dear Editor,

We love Bluff!

As I write this, I am looking at my one-and-a-half-year-old dog, Molly. She is sleeping peacefully on our bed with a shaven leg that is pierced by a large stainless steel apparatus, pinned 6 times into her left leg. She was hit by a car at the end of our driveway on West 3rd Street, completely breaking her leg into two separate pieces along with numerous lacerations and bruising her face. It will take about 8 weeks for her to recover.

This is a tragedy for all involved including the driver of the car.

I have a plea for everyone who visits or lives in our lovely little town. Please, please drive slowly! Our city and gravel streets should never be driven more than 15 or 20 mph. Most of our city roads are gravel or somewhat paved. There are children, many pets, feral cats, calves and cows, coyotes, ring-tailed cats, roadrunners, and other fragile creatures that roam freely through and around our town.

3rd West Street, the street where we live and where Molly got hit, is at least a quarter of a mile from Highway 191. In no way did I feel Molly was in danger of being hit! The driver was not paying attention and was going way too fast.

I see many walkers, hikers, and bikers with dogs walk or ride down 3rd West Street so that they can enjoy the wonderful trails that wander off this road. I have been told by some residents that they enjoy this road and ensuing trails because it is a safe place for their dogs to run free.

Those of us living on 3rd West would also like to remind folks that when going up and down this road too fast, our homes get inundated with dust. No one likes to clean everyday!

I would also like to advocate that the speed limit on Highway 191, as it goes through Bluff, be lowered to 30 mph. Blanding has done a good job with reducing speeds going through their town, particularly around their school.

Many thanks!

Kathy Smith
3rd West St., #300
Bluff, Utah