Bluff Beekeepers Calendar – May


By Dudley Beck

And then there were 8-Bee colonies in Bluff:

1) a transfer colony from Dewey, Arizona that wintered
over. Now in Dudley’s side yard.

2) A newly purchased bee package with queen. Now in Dudley’s side yard.

3) A newly purchased bee package with queen. Now on beams above entry way to Mexican Water Chapter House — using this colony as bait to capture the bees from inside the stucco wall (see photo).

4) A newly purchased bee package with queen. Now at east side of Wes Shook’s garage.

5) Ditto

6) A newly purchased bee package and queen. Now in Kristen Bushnell’s garden.
7) A bee swarm captured by Wes and Dudley from rocks at White Mesa Convenience Store. Now in KB’s garden.

8) A bee swarm from Cortez, captured by Fred Blackburn, and transferred by Dudley to Bluff in his car. WHOOPS! After driving about 5 miles from Cortez, I noticed lots of flying bees inside the car. I must have knocked the lid loose when carrying the hive to the car. They are nice bees though. No stings. I let them out of the car when I got them to their new location below the bluff at my house.

Four swarms catchers scattered about town have not caught any swarms. I have gotten three calls about “flying bees”, but have seen no swarms in Bluff. Surprise! Maybe this is the result of the drought we had last summer. But thanks to all you swarm spotters. Don’t give up. They may be late here this year. Thanks for your help with gardens for bee food and for keeping your peels eyed.

Stay tuned. More on Mexican Water Chapter House next month.