Letter: Hwy 191 speed through Bluff

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 5th I removed goathead along the north side of 191, just south of the post office parking lot. As usual, more than half of the passing vehicles missed me by a few feet at 40+ mph. (What was that about a study showing regular speed of 45 mph with signage showing the limit as 40?) Some passing vehicles slowed as they got to me, creating pollutants of incomplete combustion and making me nauseous.

If Bluff is to have any prayer of coming into and staying within reasonable compliance with the noxious weed list as to goathead, people are going to have to work along the 191 right-of-way through town, at great risk. Consider the current goathead crop along 191 in west Bluff. Extrapolating from the above-mentioned study, if we expect travel though town at 30 mph, the signage needs to be for 25 mph. Yes, weed removal is seasonal, but who wants to argue for altering the signage seasonally with higher speeds in winter and with a new school beside the road ?

Ed Dobson
Bluff, Utah