Bluff Animal Rescue Committee Update

_DSC0788 (1)
BARC rescue pup. Photo by Paul Martini.

Since inception in February of 2018, the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) has been busy. Organized to provide foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local dogs and cats, we have thus far provided care for 26 female cats, 19 male cats, and 6 kittens; as well as 10 female dogs, 9 male dogs, and 8 puppies. Most of the cats are feral. We are making progress on the estimated 100 feral cats in Bluff. BARC funds help pay some of the costs for immunizations, spaying and neutering done by Dusty Paws small animal clinic. Dusty Paws has donated approximately $700.00 in additional care and medication.

Temporary foster care continues to be a great need. BARC provides foster care to all animals until we are able to find adoption or transfer to other shelters such as Moab or Cortez for adoption. Our thanks goes out to Ceil who provided foster care to a male kitty for over a month, finally adopting him herself. Ceil also provided foster care to another male and a female kitten for over a month, at which point Dudley and Glen took over foster care, finally adopting them a month later after living in Spencer’s bedroom the whole time. We have cages and supplies for anyone willing to provide foster care. A tightly fenced yard is ideal for a dog. Please call Dudley at 435-979-2079 if you think you could provide temporary foster care for a dog or cat in the future. So far, I have a very short list of foster caretakers.

We are still struggling with an adequate number of outdoor dog yards. Dusty Paws will soon complete a dog yard behind the clinic with a concrete floor for easy cleaning. The clinic is also expanding the clinic space as well as adding X-ray capabilities and chip reading services. A small dog yard has been installed in the back yard of Hoyt’s trailer. A third one is desperately needed.

Current needs:
A 6 foot X 5 foot X 10 foot dog yard – approximately $450.00

Similar size with a roof – approximately $600.00 Igloo dog houses Small – $85.00 Medium- $125.00 Large- $160.00

A printer and copy machine – approximately $100.00

Our 501(c)(3) program is still solvent due to generous contributions thus far. Tax deductible checks to BARC can be mailed to our treasurer, Tonya Helgerson at PO Box 470, Bluff, Utah, 84512.

Thank You,