Bluff Paw Prints: BARC Report Sept-Dec

 Eds. note: This report was written on Jan. 3, but wasn’t published here until Feb. 9.

Dogs being fostered. Photo: Dudley Beck

BARC Activity Report September 1 – December 31,  2021

The closure of our kennels in Bluff in September of 2021 due to valid noise complaints has had a tremendous impact on our ability to provide temporary local housing for rescued animals. The demand, however, has not lessened. 

Our work has continued with the help of many generous people providing foster care for weeks or even months at a time, while awaiting available space and transport to Underdog Rescue in Moab. 

 Our hearts and gratitude goes out to our fosters: 

Priscilla Sagg, Marie Redhouse, Cornelia Yellowman, Cookie and Marx Powell, Dianna Yazzie, Heather Jemmott, Ginelle Howell, Georgianna and Steve Simpson, Natalie Dixon, Jessica Holiday, Amy Duckmiller, Martina Maryboy, Irene Begay, Melanie Kranz, Beverly Whitehair, Frances Van Der Stappen and the Yamamoto family. 

A special thanks is due for Lois Young. On November 18, Dusty Paws received a 90-pound abused and neglected Mastiff with severe lacerations encircling its neck. It manifested a fear of men, cowering in the corner of Greg’s clinic. After the surgical repair of the neck wounds, the profound fear of men made further management a serious problem. The dire situation had Greg considering euthanasia, something he was very reticent to do. Lois, a BARC volunteer, heard about the dog and stopped by to see it at the clinic. She immediately bonded with Hugo, and a management plan was established. BARC staff, with Lois’s help, would provide medication, care and feeding, using Greg’s facilities.  

Because of the strong bond with Lois, Hugo’s care has fallen primarily to Lois, who to this day continues to visit him 3-4 times a day. Arrangements have been made with the Arizona Mastiff Rescue group in Phoenix to adopt Hugo, but weather and staff availability issues have delayed the transport. Lois continues to care for this traumatized sweet dog. He would not still be alive without her loving care. 

BARC has provided over 800 pounds of dog food to our fosters, and 46 vaccinations of animals in their care. 

Paul, Ed, and Dudley have travelled 2,500 miles picking up dogs in Mexican Water, Mexican Hat, Monument Valley, Red Mesa, Bluff, and Montezuma Creek, and transporting them to Monticello and Moab. 

These efforts have allowed us to rescue 25 dogs and 25 puppies,  the youngest being 2 weeks old. 

Until such time that our kennels can be relocated, we must continue to rely on our generous fosters. Please contact us if you are able and willing to provide safe dog care for even a few days or weeks. 

We will need additional dollars when we relocate our kennels.  Please donate now to BARC, if you can. Your tax deductible contributions are sorely needed. 

 Happy New Year, 

 Dudley Beck, BARC President

To donate to BARC, mail a check made out to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee to PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512.