Paw Prints: March 2022


Final amendments for kennel location options are still pending from Planning and Zoning Commission.

In the meantime, foster care has been provided by BARC staff and the Simpson’s at the Simpson’s fenced-in yard. During this month, 6 females, 6 males and 5 puppies have been rescued. The longest distance for pickup was 120 miles at Sheep Springs, New Mexico, where a spay/neuter clinic was held. Underdog had more surrenders from that clinic than they had room for. They called me to foster a mom dog with 5 four week old puppies. In addition, 2 strays were rescued by Georgianna at 3 am near her yard. Another stray was dropped off by a tourist who visited the Sand Island dog magnet on their way to Grand Junction.

We delivered and used 390 pounds of dog food, along with 2 cases of canned dog food, and travelled 740 miles to pick up animals and deliver dog food.

The highlight this month has been watching this great mom dog
nurse her 5 puppies.

Dudley Beck, BARC President

BARC Photo

The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) provides foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local cats and dogs. To donate, mail a check to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee at PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512or donate online.