Paw Prints: May 2022

BARC supports foster care. That is all we do, now that “kennel” locations have been eliminated in the Town of Bluff. But foster support is huge and sorely needed. This month, we supported 9 different fosters, providing dry dog food &/or canned dog food for nursing moms.

Through these efforts, we have helped rescue 18 puppies, 4 nursing moms, and 3 adult females. We have vaccinated 13 dogs, paid for two spays, provided three cases of canned dog food, 300 pounds of dry dog food and driven 340 miles. Due to high demand, Underdog in Moab has not been able to accept transfers at all, or has had to place our rescues on a long waiting list. Cortez, Durango, and Farmington shelters have told us they will only accept local animals.

Timing of incoming demands and outgoing placement is the critical issue.
If you pick up a stray dog in Bluff, you are the foster for an indefinite time. We will continue to support you with dog food and a temporary holding pen if available.

Our deep appreciation goes out to Steve and Janna Simpson and Heather Jemmott of Red Mesa Chapter area for their continued care and feeding of strays that end up on their doorstep.

Please contact BARC (435-979-2079) if you are able to provide temporary foster care, even if only for a week or two at a time. Donations are needed to pay for food and veterinary care.

Dudley Beck, BARC President

The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) provides foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local cats and dogs. To donate, mail a check to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee at PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512or donate online.