Paw Prints: August 2022

The overflow in all regional rescue programs in the tristate area has required longer periods of foster care and many more requests for Dog food.

Al Gerecke has been added to our foster group. He fed 4 dogs at sand island for two weeks but was unable to catch them. We were finally able to live trap them (3 at one time!), spay/neuter at Dusty Paws and move to a temporary 12 foot by 12 foot holding area behind Al’s where he continues to foster. Janna and Steve Simpson continue to foster 4 adorable puppies from Monument Valley. A mom and two 6-month-old juveniles from Red Valley south of Shiprock had to be moved from Janna’s when they failed to get along with the 4 from Monument Valley. Off they went to Glen and Dudley’s side yard—very friendly.

While we have rescued only 9 dogs this month, we had a rather dramatic rescue of a dog hit by a car in Montezuma Creek. The dog’s back legs were paralyzed and it had to be dragged out from under a trailer, transported to Underdog in Blanding, and then to a vet in Moab, where recovery is guarded but possible.

Dusty Paws has provided 5 dog spay/neuters and 3 cat spay/neuters.

We’ve made 18 trips this month to Cortez, Moab, Shiprock, Red Mesa and Montezuma Creek areas, traveling 1020 miles and delivering 1586 pounds of dog food (900 pounds donated by Underdog) plus 1 case of canned food.

What more can I say? BARC desperately needs donations to pay for more dog food.


Dudley Beck, BARC President

The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) provides foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local cats and dogs. To donate, mail a check to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee at PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512or donate online.