Paw Prints October 2022

Video courtesy of the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee.

BARC first wants to send a special thanks to Tim Hamilton’s pottery, Dudley’s honey, Terry Tice, and Transitions for the generous donations at the Art Festival, and to the Bluff community for the $800.00 from the yard sale organized by Ceil McDermott.Thanks also for the donation canisters: $59.00 from K and C, $248.00 from the Twin Rocks Trading Post, and $44.25 from the Twin Rocks Cafe.

This month’s summary has a great rescue story. Read on.

On Saturday, October 29th at 6 pm, just as I was sitting down to dinner with friends at Comb Ridge Eat and Drink, I received a text from Underdog that Dee Caswell and friends from Denver, while hiking the Sand Hill petroglyph trail, had heard and seen a dog “stuck” in a crack 20 feet above the petroglyphs.

As it turned out, these people were also eating dinner in another room at the Eat and Drink. After receiving further details about a whimpering dog, along with a cell phone picture of this dog in a brushy crack, I contacted Vaughn about a possible climber who might assist the next day (temperatures predicted below freezing at night). Vaughn suggested Brandt Hart.

The next day, Sunday, Brandt, Anna, Lander and I walked up the dune. We did not hear or see the dog guessing that it had somehow escaped. On Monday, I walked up the dune again with binoculars , but still failed to hear or see the dog. Later that day, Hoyt, working at a building site nearby, reported that he had heard barking from that direction. It was now three days at least with no food or water and freezing nighttime temperatures. Meanwhile, not giving up hope, Brandt contacted a fellow river ranger, Chad Niehaus to patrol the area. On Tuesday morning they hiked up the stock trail west of the petroglyphs and spotted a very skinny dog below Tank Mesa. Check out the video of Chad hauling the dog up a steep crack in the sandstone.

“Tank” now lives happily in my side yard. Thank you, Dee for reporting the sighting of this dog. Thank you Chad and Brandt for not giving up hope.

Fosters this month include Al Gerecke and Kathy Smith, Dudley and Glen, and Steve and Janna Simpson. BARC picked up three new strays after the Arts Festival. We are again without space to house any stray dogs unless someone else steps up to help. If you have a secure fenced yard, perhaps you could let BARC use your space during times when you are out of town. We could set up a plan where one of the foster spaces is kept vacant so we could move any dogs from your fenced in space out prior to your return. If willing to help BARC in this way, contact Dudley. This would be a great help for dealing with the next drop off, and you know there will be another drop off soon. With help from other community members, we can continue our work.

This past month, we have paid for neutering of one dog and spaying of another. We have vaccinated 6. We have driven 300 miles to deliver 835 pounds of dog food ( 700 pounds donated by Underdog), one case of canned dog food, and 95 pounds of cat food.

Dusty Paws now reserves one day at his clinic during the first week back in town for spay, neuters and vaccinations of BARC animals in foster care awaiting transfer to Underdog or other adoption sites.

Thank you everyone for your donations to BARC.

Dudley Beck, BARC President

The Bluff Animal Rescue Committee (BARC) provides foster care, feeding, immunizations, spaying, and neutering of local cats and dogs. To donate, mail a check to the Bluff Animal Rescue Committee at PO Box 470, Bluff, UT 84512or donate online.