Bluff Beekeepers Calendar: January

By Dudley Beck

Ring… Ring… Ring… Ring..

“Hey Dudley. How are my bees doing?” says Mike Young of Dewey, Arizona.

In August of 2017, Mike called me to ask if I could get rid of some honey bees under the entry floor to his shed. Long story short, I drove down with my bee vacuum, removed the bees and drove them to Bluff where I placed the hive in my side yard. “His” bees survived and wintered over 2017-2018.

“Well… Mike,” I said, “It is still too cold to look into the hive. We did have a sunny day recently with a daytime temperature of 50 degrees. I did see some bees flying. Hopefully, I’ll get a warm day in February to open the hive. I need to check to see whether they have enough food to last till spring arrives. I’ll call you in February.”

Stay tuned.

— Dudley Beck, Bluff’s “bee guy”, will be providing the Canyon Echo with monthly updates from the life of a Bluff beekeeper.