Rumor Mill: Construction in Cow Canyon

A Canyon Echo reader writes, “I noticed today (April 1, 2019) that there is a line of orange/white cones alongside the west edge of US 191 down Cow Canyon. I also see heavy equipment blading and trenching in the US 191 western shoulder. Is this for the fiber optic line (Emery Telecom)?”

Sources familiar with the project say the construction is for a new turn lane that will service Bluff Dwellings Resort. The turn lane has been the subject of a heated debate after developer Jared Berrett asked for $450,000 in tax deferments to help cover construction expenses. The bulk of the deferments were rejected by the school board and the Bluff Service Area in January; some deferments were approved by the Health District, Water District, and San Juan County at the April 2 commission meeting.

UDOT has not confirmed that the construction in Cow Canyon is for the turn lane. Please post in the comments below if you have more information.

The fiber optic line currently ends in White Mesa.