Phone and Internet Outages

An update on phone and internet outages, with info provided by Royce Henningson, President of Royce’s Electronics Inc., which runs River Canyon Wireless:

Two outages took place this week, according to Henningson. The first outage on Monday was caused by a cloud server. “I don’t know where in the world it is hosted,” he said. It took down the billing system and caused an outage of six hours, and RCW had to wait until it was fixed.

The second outage on Thursday started with a tripped circuit breaker in a fiber hut in Green River Utah, which caused 19 major circuits to go down. It affected southeastern Utah and Colorado, according to Henningson.

“We we able to go to our secondary fiber and restore service, it was slower for everyone. The outage happened about 3 pm, full service was restored at 11:30 pm,” he said.

We have an ongoing outage on the phone system as Frontier has a problem in the central office and most of the land line phone[s] in Moab do not work,” he said. “It is quiet, but I am sure there are problem[s] we can’t help without a phone call. We are hoping the phones get fixed soon.”