From the Archive: Hot Water(fall)

Lake Powell, located in southeastern Utah, drowns a portion of the Colorado River and the lower segment of the San Juan River. And, yes, you read it correctly - there is a major waterfall on the lower San Juan River below the Clay Hills BLM boatramp. While the waterfall has been widely publicized by river-runners, most everyone else has either ignored its presence, or still assumes that the San Juan flows quietly unimpeded into Lake Powell. Nothing could be farther from the truth!

‘Mary Jane Wild’: Q&A with Author Brooke Williams

By Zak Podmore Immediately following the presidential elections in 2016 and 2020, author Brooke Williams walked out the door of his house in Castle Valley, Utah, with a backpack, parka, and a few hard boiled eggs. The excursions didn’t take him far from home as the raven flies, but they allowed him to tap into … Continue reading ‘Mary Jane Wild’: Q&A with Author Brooke Williams

Bluff Paw Prints: BARC Report Sept-Dec

 Eds. note: This report was written on Jan. 3, but wasn't published here until Feb. 9. Dogs being fostered. Photo: Dudley Beck BARC Activity Report September 1 - December 31,  2021 The closure of our kennels in Bluff in September of 2021 due to valid noise complaints has had a tremendous impact on our ability to … Continue reading Bluff Paw Prints: BARC Report Sept-Dec