The Colorado River Compact hasn’t aged well

The Colorado River Compact turns 100 this year, but any celebration is damped down by the drying-up of the big reservoirs it enabled. The Bureau of Reclamation’s “first-ever” shortage declaration on the river acknowledges officially what we’ve known for years: the Compact and all the measures augmenting it, collectively known as The Law of the River, have not prevented the river’s over-development.

Rock Tales

Stewart Aitchison Photo: Stewart Aitchison “The monuments are barrels or Navajo water baskets, and the springs found at their bases is proof.  Rain God Mesa and Thunderbird Mesa are the homes of thunder and lightning.  The entire Monument Valley is a symbolic hogan.  Its fireplace is the butte near Goulding’s Trading Post and its door … Continue reading Rock Tales

Photo by Paul Martini

Paul Martini A cup of coffee in a shaky handWaking up in a foreign landTrying to act like I've got something plannedThat's my window on the world         -John Hiatt

Event: Ride of the Ancients Bicycle Gravel Grinder

Southwest Colorado Canyons Alliance (SCCA) and Trail of the Ancients Byway Association (TOTA) are pleased to announce this year’s RIDE OF THE ANCIENTS BICYCLE GRAVEL GRINDER on July 9, 2022. This event is the signature fundraiser for both organizations that support responsible recreation on public lands. SCCA, as Friends of Canyons of the Ancients National … Continue reading Event: Ride of the Ancients Bicycle Gravel Grinder